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The secret of skin oils

In ancient Egypt, people loved them and used castor, sesame and almond oils to fight wrinkles and prolong youth. Rare oils and perfumes were widely used in ancient Greece, when residents made their own skin care products from local natural ingredients. Ancient Greeks enjoyed olives and olive oil, which they used to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. In medieval Europe, it was rosemary, aloe vera and extracts of seeds, leaves and flowers. Our grandmothers and their mothers loved oils because they kept their skin fresh, hydrated and radiant. We used this knowledge to create a simple but perfect skin care.

The oil does not moisturize the skin

It cannot, because pure natural oil lacks water and human skin needs both oil and water components to function properly. Oils do not add moisture to the skin, but they have an irreplaceable function because they are excellent at locking it into the skin. They prevent or at least slow down the evaporation of moisture from the top layer. Skin oil locks in the moisture you have added with serum and moisturizer. Moisture loss is a natural evaporation of water and for each skin type, the type of skin barrier is different. Skin oil is great for everyone, at least to lock in the moisture, but the biggest benefit is for dehydrated, dry and mature skin that needs a little extra care.

Every skin loves oil

Oil does not clog pores, at least not if you choose the right oil for your skin type. Castor oil is very thick but dries out the skin, avocado oil is oily and nourishes the skin, etc. The basic rule is that you need to know your skin type and skin condition. The wrong oil can cause problems, but on the contrary, if we educate ourselves, the oil chosen right is a skin elixir.

Dry skin – oily oils are best: almond, avocado and macadamia, which contain high levels of rejuvenating lipids, palmitoleic acid and oleic acid. It is an important source of vitamin E. It nourishes the skin and makes it more elastic. It is an important ingredient in our Light Beauty Oil for dry skin.

Normal skin –  is ideal and tolerates experimentation, but you can’t go wrong with the anti-inflammatory primrose oil, antioxidant bomb in the form of raspberry oil and jojoba oil, which normalizes sebum production. Try it: Rich Beauty Oil for normal and oily skin.

Combination and oily skin – needs dry skin oils such as jojoba, apricot, which soothes irritated skin and anti-inflammatory sea buckthorn oil. All this is richly represented in our Light Beauty Oil for normal and oily skin.

Sensitive skin – is very sensitive to cosmetic products. It benefits from lavender, apricot or macademia oil. We recommend the Pro-Collagen Vitamin C Oil Serum.

Mature skin - needs more care. Rosehip, argan or bakuchiol oil, which is similar to retinol, is suitable for this skin type and with regular use reduces wrinkles, strengthens facial contours and reduces hyperpigmentation. Try Bakuchiol & Squalane Oil Serum.

Universal application 

Different oils have different properties, so choosing the right oil that best suits your skin type is very important and key to an ideal skin care. It is by no means that the oil should be used only after serum and cream. After all, we already use oils to cleanse the skin, because only oily compounds can remove similar oily compounds. Oil products cleanse the skin, regulate moisture balance, contain many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, as well as essential fatty acids, so they do not dry the skin. For skincare lovers, we recommend researching the level of comedogenicity, which determines whether or not the oil will clog pores, although you should only pay attention to it in clean, single-variety oils.

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